If you're on this page, it means you're lost, or you are really determined to figure out more about this podcast. Either way, I think you are amazing.   Have you lost weight?  No?  Well, you look fabulous.  

According to the template for this website, this is usually where people put a mission statement. Does anyone actually read those? Does anyone actually follow them? Wouldn't it be great to call someone out on a mission statement violation. "Actually Tom, I don't think that you really do put the customer experience first, and I feel neither educated nor inspired."

But I digress. I should be telling you an inspirational story about how I clawed and fought my way up through the podcasting ranks to be where I am today.  

Instead, I'll tell you that I have always been fascinated by artists. I am amazed at a person who doesn't worry about practical matters like rent and food because they must create. I've always been too practical to live the starving artist's lifestyle. And I really like food and shelter.

For years, I would read biographies and autobiographies about these interesting characters. I make a point to watch documentaries, go to museums, plays, and concerts, and basically immerse myself in the "drama" of it all.

I even thought I would get a degree in art history because I loved it so much. Then I realized, I can give myself a degree in art history without that annoying tuition bill. 

I figured if I enjoyed learning this then maybe other people would too. Maybe I could actually force my dear friends to sit in my basement for an hour and listen to me tell them a story.  And, if I may be so bold, maybe I could get total strangers to listen to us talking. 

Thus, the birth of So Dramatic. Why this title?  I'm glad you asked. Growing up, you can imagine I MAY have been a bit of a handful. I MAY have heard a few times that I needed to stop being so dramatic. As an all grown up woman, I've realized the creative people in our world have used that drama to make our lives rich and worth living. Drama is not always a bad thing.

So my friends, I will end with my pretend/not following the right format/mission statement for this podcast: It's o.k. to be so dramatic. 

Thanks for listening. You really do look great.

-Nancy Beach

This really has nothing to do with the podcast. It's my dog Holly trying to smother me.
This really has nothing to do with the podcast. It's my dog Holly trying to smother me.